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Richard S. Matthews, Ph.D.

Author, award-winning lecturer, and ethicist in domestic and political violence



Mission Statement


Challenging and educating community leaders, businesses, and policymakers regarding the nature and impact of violence in the state and in society, in order to mitigate the impact of violence and help develop institutional structures to eliminate it.


Notable Experience


Professor and Lecturer, Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics: 1999-present

King’s University College, University of Western Ontario

Brandon University

Mount Allison University

Memorial University of Newfoundland


Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow: 2007, 2010

University of Western Australia

Queensland University of Technology


Selected Publications


The Absolute Violation: Why Torture Must Be Forbidden (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2008)

An Empirical Critique of Interrogational Torture,” Journal of Social Philosophy, XLIII, Number 4, 457-470 (Winter 2012),

In Defense of Article 2.2 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture,” Sciences et Esprit 62 (no 2-3), 355-371 (2010)

Dirty Hands, Cosmopolitan Values and State Evil: Reflections on Torture,” Animus 11 (2006)

Indecent Medicine: In Defense of the Absolute Prohibition Against Physician Participation in Torture,” The American Journal of Bioethics, 6 (3): W34-W44 (2006)


Selected Presentations


Nearly 40 presentations to conferences, seminars and symposia throughout Canada, Australia, and Germany, including:


“Can Lesser-Evils Reasoning be Moral?” Canada, 2012

“Defending the Non-derogability of Torture,” Australia, 2010

“An Empirical Critique of Interrogational Torture,” Canada, 2009

“On neither excusing, permitting, nor justifying torture,” Australia 2007

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